Prevents Blood Clotting

Prevents Blood Clotting
Olive Oil Prevents Blood Clots

Extra virgin olive oil inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation that underlies most heart attacks and ischemic strokes. Animal studies show that olive oil decreases atherosclerotic lesions, plaque size, and inflammatory responses.

Scientifically reviewed by: Andrew Roberts Jr., MPH in Global Health, MS in Medical Health, on December 2019. Written By Stanley Carson.

Abnormal clotting inside a blood vessel is a critical factor in heart attack and ischemic stroke.1,2 The medical term for this is thrombosis.

Including extra virgin olive oil with our meals may help prevent the formation of these deadly blood clots.

Olive oil boosts a component of HDL (good cholesterol) called apoA-IV. This helps protect against platelet aggregation that can cause heart attacks (caused by coronary artery blockage) and ischemic strokes.

Platelet activity increases after eating, explaining in part why heart attacks are more likely to occur after a heavy meal.3,4

ApoA-IV helps prevent platelets from “sticking” together (called platelet aggregation), which is an early step in the development of a blood clot.2

The newly discovered ability of extra virgin olive oil to boost apoA-IV can help prevent a cardiovascular catastrophe.